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BBPS Platform (Bharat Bill Payment System) – Making bill payments easier

A Comprehensive, Integrated and interoperable bank-centric platform offering bill payment services to customers online or through a network of agents, allowing multiple payment modes and instant confirmation. Facilitates bill payment for both Central Infrastructure operated eco-system or bank-specific model.

Features of the offering include

  • Comprehensive Biller on-boarding, configuration and management
  • Multi-payment support – Credit/ Debit cards, Real-time payments, internet banking, QR-based payments
  • Service & Commission fee setup with split settlement functionality
  • Dynamic File generation for Bulk Bill Upload (Offline Billers)
  • Bill Management System – for non-Technical Billers
  • Auto Recon Process for Biller bank, Customer bank including On-us Transactions
  • Full, Partial and ad-hoc payments
  • Available on Hosted as well as Cloud deployment options.

BBPS Processing Platform


1. What is BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System)?

Bharat Bill Payment System is an integrated bill payment system in India offering interoperable and accessible bill payment service to customers through a network of agents of registered member as Agent Institutions, enabling multiple payment modes, and providing instant confirmation of payment

2. How does BBPS work?

Here’s the simplified flow: Customer selects the Biller category and then chooses the biller: Enter the details (e.g., customer ID, mobile number) to fetch the bill.

Payment selection: Choose the preferred payment method (bank account, debit/credit card, UPI).

Initiate payment: Enter payment credentials and confirm the transaction.

Payment processing: BBPS routes the payment to the biller’s bank. Bill payment: Biller receives the payment and updates the account.

3. Is BBPS secure?

BBPS operates on a secure and encrypted platform with multiple layers of authentication. Your financial information remains confidential throughout the process. Moreover, NPCI, a RBI-regulated entity, oversees the system, ensuring robust security measures.

4. What is the payment method of BBPS?

BBPS offers wide range of payment modes
Traditional methods: Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card
Digital methods: Internet banking, UPI etc

5. Can customers of one bank pay to billers onboarded by another bank in BBPS?

Interoperability is a key feature of BBPS. Customers of any bank integrated with the system can pay bills for any biller onboarded by any other participating entity.

6. Does BBPS support APIs for integration?

Yes, BBPS provides secure APIs for seamless integration with banks, billers, and payment service providers. This enables automation and streamlined bill payment experiences for businesses and individuals.

7. What is Mindgate's role in BBPS?

We provide a comprehensive Bill Payment platform that supports both a centralized bill aggregation model, covering the complete spectrum of the Bill Payment ecosystem from onboarding of biller entities to bill management, bill payments from various channels, supporting multiple payment methods, robust reconciliation and biller payout management.

8. What are the solution offerings of our BBPS processing platform?

-Channel management
-Biller management
-AI/ Agent management
-Transaction engine
-Recurring payments/ mandates
-Fees and charges
-Reconciliation & settlement, dispute management

9. What are the benefits of our BBPS processing platform?

– Ready-to-use API-rich platform for ease of integration
– Highly parameterized and configurable platform for fees/ charges, workflow, user management
– Integrated platform to support retail and corporate (B2B) bill payments
– Focused team for effective biller integration