Payments as a Service

UPI Payment Platform

UPI payment ecosystem in India is a global success story for Real-Time payments that is growing leaps & bounds, processing billions of transactions monthly. Our state of art UPI platform is a comprehensive UPI Payments suite that enables banks to on-board their customers and merchants for UPI payment processing. The system is architected using Spring Boot framework and is highly scalable and resilient for processing high throughput of payment transactions.

Key highlights of the offering

  • Platform up to date with all value added services & UPI business case.
  • No hassle of high-frequency change management (regulatory)
  • Auto Scale-Up feature of Microservices Container Platform
  • Enabling DevOps and CI-CD helps in Auto Deployment and Rollback
  • Customized API creation for Merchant / Corporate
  • Microservices based business services ensure agile Change Management

Functional Overview of the Solution

UPI Payment Platform