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Conditional Cash Transfer

The platform provides an avenue to create a program/scheme & define various milestones/conditions (rule engine) for the payment disbursement to the intended beneficiaries.

The rule engine works within a predefined model where all necessary parameters/conditions are met, further to which the pay-out file gets generated, pushing out the final disbursement via various bank channels.

The platform also hosts features to register beneficiaries with their account details and get validated via the PFMS network.

Key Capabilities

  • Scheme Management.
  • Rule Definition – Criteria/Milestones.
  • Beneficiary Enrolment & Management.
  • Payment Processing Lifecycle with Approval Workflow.
  • Authorisation Matrix based payment approvals.
  • Integration with PFMS & Bank Channels for End to End Processing.
  • Complete Reconciliation & Transaction Status Reporting.