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Corporate Payments

Corporate H2H / API Manager

Corporates need to be able to bank with multiple banks on an on-going basis. The ability to integrate their accounting & ERP systems has become the need of the hour.

The H2H platform for corporates is a perfect offering that helps corporates bridge the gap, by providing a way for corporates to seamlessly integrate their existing ERP’s for payments & collections across multiple banks.

Our platform is built on an open-source technology framework and is optimized for high scale and volume. While it also enables to open up various service offerings for all participants across channels with a quick turnaround time and with reduced TCO.

Key Capabilities

Bulk Payments Processing

  • Direct payment Instructions from Corporate ERP, Financial Systems.
  • Authorization from Corporate Systems across to routing banks.
  • End to End Asymmetric encryption of data.
  • Digital signature-based payment instructions.
  • Manage ACK/NACK responses from Bank systems.
  • Transaction Status of instructions submission.
  • Reconciliation of transactions with banking channels.
  • Dashboard for Payment Status at Real-Time.

Bulk Receivables Processing

  • Configuration for receiving different instructions on receivables at any given time.
  • Supports Cheque/DD, NEFT, RTGS, NACH & Bank Transfers.
  • Dashboard for Receivables Status at Real-Time.
  • Merchant onboarding.
  • Workflow-based approval from risk, finance and operations.
  • MSF/MDR setup.
  • Scheme mapping to merchants.
  • Risk & Velocity check setup.
  • Toolkit for Merchant Integration.