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VTransact DigiTB – Liquidity

Liquidity Management has always been a key component and core function to a Corporate Treasure’s role. In today’s complex, fast paced and technology driven financial market, the demands are even greater.

Our solution aims to automate some of your current processes, as well as bringing in new capabilities for liquidity management. Take your liquidity management capabilities to the next level.

The e-Liquidity modules enable automated funds transfer from various sub accounts into a single master account for consolidation of liquidity. It serves as a single platform for all financial transactions across banks and corporates. The amounts in the sub accounts can be transferred to the master account as per business rules setup and these funds can be used to fund sub accounts which are in debit.

Key Features

Concise Format
The concentration of cash on a single platform for all financial transactions across banks and corporates is now possible. The multi-level structure is facilitated by consolidated funds existing in a single account, aiding the visibility of funds.

Single, Master Operating Account
The sweep frequencies are maintained in real-time to promote flexibility and better management of liquidity. It Consolidates cash under a single master account. Hence, the amounts present in the various sub-accounts can be transferred to the master account as per the business legislation setup.

Enhanced Cash Flows & Profitability
The corporate treasurers with access to the funds can leverage the solution to analyze idle balances that have the ‘automated sweeping function’ enabled to improve real-time cash flow and generate profits. The entire system helps in providing 100% visibility and control over the portfolio with the sweep function. The ease of accessibility to the complex structure helps gain insights into the credit and debit positions accounts.

Cross-border movement of funds
The flow of funds can be viewed and controlled easily with domestic and cross-border access to the single and multi-currency hybrid structure. With this structure, there is no restriction on the number of accounts and countries for easy liquidity management.

Save Time & Costs
The liquidity management module enables optimisation of liquidity across businesses to maximize operational efficiency. The real-time transfer of funds is a fully automated solution that reduces operation & time hassles, allowing banks to help customers saving massive interest costs.

One Powerful Solution
The solution offers multiple sweeping options such as zero balancing sweeps, target-based, and trigger-based sweeping apart from the regular credit and debit modes. In addition to the automated movement of funds based on predefined rules and parameters, their monitoring & control is made easier.

Ease of Access
The reconciliation of funds is promoted with the ease of accessibility & visibility and utilization of cash & surplus funds is facilitated through optimized cash flow. The reporting module dashboard is robust and easy to operate, thus helping customers experience a smooth transition with a seamless workflow.

VTransact DigiTB – Liquidity