Expecting to encourage the digital payments ecosystem in the Union Budget 2021-22

With India’s digital economy picking up, we expect the government to continue its efforts in encouraging the digital payments ecosystem in the Union Budget 2021-22. Like last year’s fund for incentivising the industry and offset losses incurred due to waiver of Merchant Discount Rates (MDR) on UPI and RuPay transactions, we hope the finance minister will take further actions to minimise translational costs, thereby promoting large ticket size payments in the B2B segment. One such critical step is expected to come through a push towards prepaid transactions through UPI. With the digital payment industry playing an instrumental role in ushering transparency and formalisation of the economy, the government is expected to promote the industry by encouraging new business deployment solutions.


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Headline: Budget 2022: Liberalised tax regime and more, here’s fintech sector’s wishlist

Link: https://www.businesstoday.in/union-budget-2022/expectations/story/budget-2022-liberalised-tax-regime-and-more-heres-fintech-sectors-wishlist-320095-2022-01-24

Portal: Business World

Link: http://www.businessworld.in/article/Union-Budget-2022-Industry-Leaders-Expects-A-Pandora-s-Box-Amid-COVID-19-/14-01-2022-417709/