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ARPIT (Accounting & Reconciliation Portal of Indirect Taxes) is the official website of O/o Pr. CCA, Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs (CBIC), Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India. ARPIT is a real-time accounting and reconciliation system currently being used in respect of Goods and Services Tax (GST), Central Excise, Service Tax and SEZ Customs duties.

It is built on an automated integration & reconciliation mechanism for end-to-end reconciliation among its various stakeholders viz. RBIGSTN (for various GST) and ICEGATE (for Central Excise, Service Tax & SEZ Customs duty) and for accounting & reconciliation of various Indirect Taxes. ARPIT aims at minimizing the accounting errors & delays in reporting of Government Revenue and simultaneously provides for a robust MIS and Decision Support System (DSS) for all the stakeholders in the entire collection cycle of various types of Indirect taxes.

Key Capabilities

  • 365x24x7 uptime for collection of authorized challans & payment data from source systems through robust integrations in place.
  • Real-time payment data reconciliation with challans for accurate accounting of Indirect Tax collections.
  • Synchronized MIS & Dashboards to provide users with the latest information to facilitate quick decision making.
  • Automated Memorandum of Errors (MoE) module which tracks missing & mismatched payment data and reports them to stakeholders electronically while consuming the corrected data once received against the issue raised.
  • Complete data trail management from receipt till posting of accounts to authorized government IT systems thereby enforcing strict & globally adhered security practices.