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Corporate Payments

Mindgate Solutions’ SIHub, the integrated payment hub trusted by businesses worldwide

In today’s fast-changing payment landscape, it is imperative that banks and corporate organizations adapt to newer modes of payments. Traditionally, companies have re-engineered their core banking systems to cater to such changes. However, this approach can increase the turnaround time for adaptation of the demanding innovations in the payment space. Our (Integrated Payment Hub) IPH platform coming within the purview of well-structured integrated payment solutions is designed to address this need.

The IPH solution abstracts the core banking system from bank acquiring & payment channels thereby eliminating the requirement to re-engineer the core system. From country-specific adaptors that cater to the payment channels to providing an API for all acquiring channels, the IPH platform is engineered to enable banks to adapt to changing market dynamics.

Mindgate’s advanced and integrated payment hub, including SI hub (Standing Instruction hub) is just the right solution for today’s banks that enables them to adapt to volatile market dynamics without re-configuring their core working system. What’s more? The platform is developed on the latest technology framework that ensures optimum performance gains through efficiency at scale and volume without driving up the cost.

Key Capabilities

  • Core Banking Integration: Supports a wide range of Integration options, (ISO, Web services, API).
  • Bulk Payments processing: Processing of bulk payments from corporates & merchants.
  • Multi-channel payments: Splitting bulk payments as per corporate & merchant instructions.
  • STP processing: Supports direct integration with corporate systems (ERP, SAP, API).
  • E2E message processing: Manages end to end message lifecycle with real-time & batch response
  • Adapters for India: IMPS, UPI, IFT, NEFT, RTGS, AADHAR, NACH (Debit/Credit), WPS
    Middle East: FTS (Local transfers), ACH (Debit/Credit) & WPS.
  • Seamless Integration: Easy Integration support for all bank channels (Mobile App, Kiosk, Web, POS)