Introducing XPRESS UPI: One-Click Payment Experience

Introducing XPRESS UPI: One-Click Payment Experience

XPRESS UPI: One-Click Payment Experience

Life happens in the fast lane. Then why should our payment modes slow us down? As the need for speed and simplicity grows, we need solutions that simplify the multiple steps of online payments and get the job done quicker! With this in mind, we’ve developed XPRESS UPI, an intuitive one-step payment solution that allows users to complete their transactions without switching to other UPI apps.

XPRESS UPI brings the ease of UPI payments directly into merchant mobile apps, doing away with a lengthy process. But it’s not just about speeding through the steps but also about instilling trust and reliability in every transaction!

By combining cutting-edge technology with the needs of Indian smartphone mobile users, XPRESS UPI delivers a hiccup-free experience that saves time, reduces technical declines, and facilitates faster payments.

But wait, what’s in it for the merchants?

  • 5x Faster UPI payment – A remarkable 5X increase in the speed of UPI payments. This means a substantial reduction in the number of steps required to complete a payment, eliminating the need for external redirection.
  • Higher success rates leading to higher sales conversion – Merchants can achieve higher success rates for payments, ultimately resulting in increased sales conversions. Customers can effortlessly complete transactions with just a single tap, creating a frictionless experience that boosts conversion rates.
  • Faster onboarding – Users will enjoy a seamless account linking process which minimizes the chances of failures and drop-offs during the onboarding process, making it hassle-free for new customers.
  • Seamless payment experience – The payment process is optimized for speed and efficiency. This optimization leads to quicker transactions, saving both time and effort for both merchants and customers.

Let’s unpack this more!

In-app Experience
Easily integrate payments into your app. With the in-app feature, users can pay without any detours, making the process straightforward.
UI/UI-less SDK
Looking for a visual interface or something simpler? Our SDK works either way, offering both options for smooth setup.
Cloud-based Solution
As the digital world demands safety and adaptability, our cloud-based solution ensures secure and scalable payments tailored to your needs.
Hassle-free Integration
We know time matters. Our approach prioritizes easy integration, helping businesses set up without unnecessary complications.

XPress UPI Payment Flow.

Step 1: Open the merchant app

Step 2: Select XPRESS UPI as your payment method

Step 3: Enter your UPI pin, and voila!

Experience the epitome of convenience, redefining in-app UPI payments with our intuitive one click payment solution