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Merchant Management Platform

Our Merchant Management Platform is an end-to-end solution for banks/service providers to manage their merchant-related activities such as merchant on-boarding, merchant servicing, disputes and payments. It is a platform that helps banks in providing their merchants a solution that not only increases their sales but also enhances the customer experience. Banks now can acquire more merchants on their platform with minimum operational overhead.

Merchant Management platform allows banks to onboard merchants on a single platform and defines the scheme for merchants as well as dynamic routing with merchants’ settlement & payouts, and enables to perform following functionalities:

  • Comprehensive fees, charges and billing management
  • QR Management
  • Refund processing, Dispute Management
  • Onboarding merchant with setting merchant-specific business parameters and provision of self on-boarding
  • Defining multi-level merchant hierarchy with parent-child relationship configuration
  • Configuring transaction commission charges for respective merchant
  • Providing merchant portals to manage daily merchant operations
  • Supporting a wide variety of payment options

Key Capabilities

  • Multiple acquiring interfaces such as Mobile, Web, Kiosk, POS, PC-POS, API’s, & H2H.
  • Access to multiple transaction channels viz. HTTPS, SMS, USSD, RFID, etc.
  • Multiple transaction identities such as Mobile Devices, Virtual address, Cards can be used.
  • It provides access to varied methods of transactions namely Face 2 Face payments, Collect payments, QR payments, Identity Token/National ID payments, Bulk payments, H2H payments.
  • Merchant Dispute Management across payment methods
  • Real-time API based communication and file based communication
  • Merchant Portals providing a holistic view to the Merchants to manage their operations.
  • Merchant Specific Branding: i-Frames designed to have merchant color, font, size & add custom notes.
  • In-App payments feature fulfilling seamless e-commerce, in-app, web and mobile payment experiences

Merchant On-boarding & Management