Mindgate’s e-Collect solutions win the Technoviti 2019 - Mindgate Solutions Private Limited

Mindgate’s e-Collect solutions win the Technoviti 2019

Mindgate’s e-Collect solution has won the Technoviti 2019 for its innovation and disruptive technologies in BFSI segment conducted by Banking Frontiers and Ernst & Young (EnY)..

About Technoviti:

The Technoviti platform has been instrumental in accelerating the pace of cooperation and bringing together the Technology Innovations and the BFSI sector by giving them a valued platform of Technoviti. This platform ensures that the Innovations from both established players as well as the Fintechs are very seriously evaluated by a team of noted CXOs of the sector from IT and functional areas. Finally, the best of these Innovations are brought to the consideration of the CXOs from which select outstanding Innovations are presented with Technoviti Awards