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Reliable E-Wallet solutions – Making transactions simpler

It’s the new age of the digital world wherein electronic and in-wallet apps, like digital wallets and e wallets, have emerged as viable alternative payment options to cash. Consumers today prefer having a digital wallet that can be used for quick and fast transactions. It’s no surprise then that the digital ecosystem has seen a rise in demand for prepaid cards and wallets as a financial instruments.

Our solution helps banks and pre-paid issuer/wallet issuers bridge this need, with the ability to engage various unbanked customers to leverage the facility for financial transactions.

The platform is built on a state of art technology framework and is optimized for high availability and scalability. While it also enables to open up various service offerings for all participants across channels with a quick turnaround time and with reduced TCO.

Key Capabilities

  • Convenience: Empower clients to manage & loading through a variety of low-cost intuitive products& channels.
  • Easy Integration: Engineered for quick and easy deployment as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with existing solutions.
  • Multi-Currency: Offer several currency purses on a single card for global flexibility.
  • Multi-Instrument: Supports Cards (Magstripe, Chip, NFC), Mobile, RFID.
  • Flexible Fee Setup: Configurable fee setting for variable customer demographics.
  • Automated Alerts: Real-Time Alerts with customizable notification features.
  • Channel Management: Supports Transactions from all standard delivery channels including SMS, GPRS & Web.
  • Portals: The solution provides portals to various stakeholders like the Issuer, service partners, Agents(DSA), corporates and regional administrators.
  • Prepaid Products: Supports offerings such as multi-currency, travel cards, bonus cards, remittance cards, gift cards, payroll cards etc.
  • Retail & Corporate Management: Supports creation and management of distributors and agencies, collection of organization details, credit scoring, issuance and product management.
  • Inventory Management: The solution provides comprehensive inventory management of consumables, cards and other stationarities with threshold alerts.
  • Loyalty Management: The solution allows the issuers to use the inbuilt loyalty module or alternatively integrate with third-party service providers.
  • Settlement & Reconciliation: Supports reconciliation report, settlement file generation, dispute management and sponsor banks/Escrow management.
  • Dispute management and customer Service: The platform integrates with the customer CRM to provide real-time information on customers’ profile and transaction information.

Prepaid Cards & Wallets