Government Solutions

Public Financial Management System (PFMS)

Mindgate’s CB Konnect PFMS Integration Middleware is an integral part of our Government Business Module built keeping in mind the need for the country’s digital climate. The solution is an excellent concoction of easy to integrate adapters that propel innovation to stay afloat with the digital needs of the government-based schemes executed through banks. The comprehensive suite is designed with utmost agility that offers ready to plug-in adapters of PFMS message processing layer along with easy access to banks’ CBS and various channel integrations and keeps in mind the compliance that the regulatory requirement of PFMS integration demands. Having a sound understanding of the multiple facets of government business, Mindgate’s CB Konnect PFMS Integration Adaptor offers a host of modules that can be integral in the PFMS process cycle.

Key Capabilities

  • Scalability of the solution dramatically helps in reducing the dependency on banks and their channels used.
  • It’s a tailor-made solution that puts an end to all the issues faced during the disbursement.
  • The DSC integration into the portal has saved operational issues, time, and effort to a large extent.
  • It fulfills bank’s requirements with numerous integration capabilities like PPA, CINB, EPA, and so forth apart from DSC.
  • All the reports, events, reminder alerts or notifications, and pay-outs are available on a real-time basis.