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    Mindgate Solutions: Powering secure Real-Time Payments for southeast asia

    Mindgate Solutions is a global leader in payment technology and transaction processing. We power businesses across the world to navigate the evolving digital finance landscape with confidence, agility and speed. We’ve crafted new-generation payment gateways and mobile-based collections and payments platforms for RTP, setting the standard for excellence. We help banks by providing scalable new-generation payment and collection platforms as a service, facilitating merchants’ onboarding and transactions, reconciliation, and settlement

    Empowering Asian banks with cutting-edge Real-Time Payment solutions.

    Retail Payments

    Mindgate is pushing the boundaries of retail banking by shaping the future of real-time payments. As pioneers in the domain, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that prioritize convenience, speed, and unwavering security. Our unwavering commitment to enhancing the retail banking experience has solidified our reputation as a trusted partner for innovation and reliability.

    Our platform is built on a state of art technology framework and is optimized for high availability, scalability and facilitates launching various value-added services for all participants across channels.

    What are we offering? 

    Corporate Transaction Banking

    Revolutionize Transaction Banking with VTransact DigiTB.
    VTransact DigiTB is a next-generation, integrated platform designed to transform the transaction banking landscape. Empowering financial institutions, corporations, and their partners, VTransact DigiTB addresses diverse transactional needs with unparalleled efficiency, security, and flexibility.

    What are we offering?

    • Comprehensive suite comprising a heady mix of technology and business solution.
    • A one stop middleware platform integrating all the bank payment and receivable digital channels
      with Core banking.
    • Workflow designed and curated on basis of modern tenets of banking.
    • Supersedes traditional modes of debt collection in terms of lifecycle management and time optimization.
    • Effective lifecycle management through API and Web design services.

    Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

    As architects of innovation in the central bank digital currency (CBDC) realm, we empower central banks to harness the transformative power of digital currencies with unwavering security and unmatched efficiency.

    What are we offering?

    • Solution offering for both retail and wholesale CBDC
    • Digital vault for distribution of CBDC tokens
    • Retail and GL wallets for token lifecycle management
    • CBDC transaction switch to interface with CBDC wallet using SDK/API
    • Comprehensive back-office admin portal for onboarding, configuration, reconciliation, MIS
    • Microservice architecture compatible on any container platform (On-prem or Cloud)
    • Support for open-source technology stack
    • Future-ready tech stack that supports high-scalability
    • Use of in-memory database, No SQL database and Kafka connectors for faster transaction response time, low latency and use of sharding

    Integrated Digital Acquiring Platform

    An integrated platform for merchant acquiring supporting multiple payment options such as real-time/instant payments, cards, wallet and internet banking. The platform offers comprehensive merchant onboarding and lifecycle management. The core payment engine will provide transaction processing & routing to various processing networks based on the payment method.

    What are we offering?

    • Payment engine
    • Merchant plug-in
    • Smart / Dynamic routing
    • Multi-payment method support
    • Multiple digital channel integration

    Our Projects

    UPI Lite

    Malaysia’s “First Open Loop FuelFleet Program

    UPI Lite

    DBS MAX – Merchant Payment Platform


    Resilience & Robustness

    Our solutions are meticulously engineered to be resilient and robust, ensuring unwavering reliability and uninterrupted service, even in the most challenging environments. We prioritize operational excellence and go beyond simply “withstanding” challenges – we help you thrive despite them.


    With impressive transactions per second (TPS) capabilities, our solutions empower partners to seamlessly scale and adapt to evolving demands. Our patrons enjoy uninterrupted growth, enhanced operational efficiency, and the flexibility to navigate dynamic market conditions with confidence.


    We maintain the highest global industry standards for security, employing a multi-layered approach to protect your data and transactions with unwavering vigilance. Our commitment is backed by rigorous industry certifications and a dedication to exceeding best practices.

    We Improve Outcomes For

    Financial Institutions

    Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions seeking to enhance their transaction banking capabilities and offer advanced payment solutions to their corporate clients and retail customers.

    Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

    Companies specializing in payment processing services, including merchant acquiring, payment gateway solutions, and value-added services such as fraud prevention and risk management.


    Large enterprises, mid-sized companies, and small businesses looking to streamline their payment processes, optimize liquidity management, and improve operational efficiency through our transaction banking suite.

    Government Agencies

    Public sector organizations seeking to modernize their payment infrastructure and offer citizens secure and efficient digital payment options for various services, taxes, and fees.

    Our Esteemed Customers

    Central Infrastructure


    Banking Clients

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