Mindgate enters into a strategic partnership with ACI Worldwide to accelerate real-time payments globally

ACI Worldwide, the leading global provider of real-time electronic payments and banking solutions has announced its decision to invest in digital payments solution provider, Mindgate Solutions. The alliance of the two pioneering firms is being viewed as a path to strengthen real-time payment capabilities globally. As per the strategic deal, ACI and Mindgate will deliver a joint real-time payments solution wherein ACI’s proven Universal Payments software solutions will be coupled with Mindgate’s digital overlay services. “We are very excited to join forces with Mindgate. Their strong and talented team develops and delivers cutting-edge solutions and services, and we look forward to embarking on this real-time payments journey with them,” said Phil Heasley, president and CEO, ACI Worldwide. The end-to-end real-time payments solution will be offered to global markets via either an on-premise, public cloud or hosted model.

Mindgate has been in an incredible growth path since inception and has emerged a leader in the real-time payments domain, globally. “ACI will provide the real-time processing and connectivity with UPI while Mindgate will focus on the digital overlay services for mobile phones, merchants, etc.,” said Craig Ramsey, Head of Real-Time payments, ACI Worldwide. We are the trusted partner for more than 65 customers fueling a massive 30 million transactions a day. Today we are one of the pathbreakers in the Digital Payment space with a robust technology framework to support and execute real-time transactions.

“We have long admired ACI, a real-time payments pioneer with a long track record of success in India and across the world. Our alliance will result in a joint solution that is future-proof, flexible and scalable”, opines George Sam, co-founder & business head at Mindgate Solutions.
“Our Partnership with ACI will not only boost the technology but also play a crucial factor in steering the cashless ecosystem in India and abroad.”- Guhan Muthusamy, Co-founder and Software Architect at Mindgate Solutions.
Having partnered with eight out of ten leading Indian banks, by providing UP™ solutions for critical payments needs, ACI is already well versed with the Indian digital payments landscape.

Through this alliance, Mindgate and ACI Worldwide aim to leverage their combined strengths to support the exponential growth of real-time payments.

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