Mindgate Proves Its Mantle Again–Bags the Best Open Banking & API Solutions Provider at 2022 MEA Finance Banking Technology Summit & Awards - Mindgate Solutions Private Limited

Mindgate Proves Its Mantle Again–Bags the Best Open Banking & API Solutions Provider at 2022 MEA Finance Banking Technology Summit & Awards

Best Open Banking & API Solutions Provider

Mindgate, a leader in digital payment solutions won the prestigious award Best Open Banking & API Solutions Provider at the 2022 MEA Finance Banking Technology Summit & Awards. The honour is an acknowledgement of the significant contribution Mindgate has been making toward revolutionizing the digital payments ecosystem in the Middle East and African regions.

Clinching the title amid several contenders and top regional leaders in banking & technology marks our excellence at providing progressive and dynamic real-time payment solutions. Recognising the endeavours and achievements of banks and technology businesses, the 2022 Annual Banking Technology Awards is an initiative toward promoting smarter digital-banking solutions and improving the technological drive in the competitive banking landscape.

The champions were evaluated by a panel of judges comprising top industry experts. 45 category winners were chosen after an in-depth evaluation of their research and knowledge of the market, consideration of the needs of their full range of clients and an assessment of all relevant developments and achievements from the previous year.

The fast-growing financial market and ever-evolving customer demands pose greater challenge to global banking. With this understanding, we emphasise on developing next-gen banking solutions that could provide digital advantage to banks and help them gear up for future challenges. Switching from a mass-market banking approach to a more customer-centric and tailored perspective, we develop solutions that facilitate frictionless and flexible payment experiences.

Mindgate Captures the Limelight with Its Top-of-the-line Digital Payment Solutions

Accelerating digital capabilities and launching digital outreach to customers is the need of the hour. Banks waking up to the power of digital payment technologies are witnessing lower customer attrition and are able to offer better-contextualized products to their clients.

Mindgate, as an active industry player, is enabling banks to navigate through ever-changing and complex payment landscape. We offer banks the bandwidth to finetune their operations, launch attractive product features, curb operational costs, and delight customers with user-friendly digital payment options. Our solutions include support for new payment schemes such as Real-time Payment, Request to Pay, QR Code payments, and P2P.

Ensuring far and wide reach of our smart digital payment solutions, we have come up with open APIs and SDKs that can easily be incorporated into the existing framework of banks, allowing them to extend their capabilities and keep pace with the changing scenario. We have taken payment-specific functions into discrete services to improve business flexibility and system performance.

As an open-banking solution provider, we’ve been creating a win-win situation for banks and banking customers alike. While banking customers get to enjoy the features of latest apps they need for their transactions, banks can keep their customers hooked to their services without getting into the complications of developing their own innovative apps.

Making our mark in the global payments industry, we are striving to make a difference with our cutting-edge technology and innovative approach. But the journey has just begun and there’s a lot more to be accomplished!