Mindgate Solutions collaborates with Red Hat to lead the real time payments revolution in India - Mindgate Solutions Private Limited

Mindgate Solutions collaborates with Red Hat to lead the real time payments revolution in India

Mindgate modernizes its Unified Payment Interface (UPI) solution and will build new generation payment gateways and digital platforms for both retail and corporate clients using Red Hat OpenShift.
Bengaluru, India – August 20, 2020 – Mindgate Solutions, a global leader in payments technology, announced that it has adopted Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise cloud platform, to modernize it’s real time payments services. With Red Hat, Mindgate Solutions will provide a set of fully cloud-native offerings that can be deployed on any infrastructure

Mindgate Solutions offers personaliseddigital payment solutions to the Banks, Corporate, Government & Processors/Aggregators in over 21 countries across Asia and Middle East markets. The company’s software processes over 1 billion payment transactions per month globally in real time. As digital payments in India witnessed a massive surge, the UPI has emerged as a preferred real time payments network by recording over 1.5 billion transactions in July 20201. Red Hat is helping Mindgate better adapt to the payment needs of one of the world’s largest digital economies through cloud technology that is allowing it to be more responsive to this dynamic market. By adopting a modern cloud architecture and advanced cloud tooling supplied by Red Hat, Mindgate will be able to release software more frequently while supporting the needs for an always-on service that its customers need.

Mindgate has also joined the Red Hat OpenShift Practice Builder Program, which is uniquely designed to help systems integrators (SIs) build expertise on Red Hat OpenShift developer tools and enable them to build and modernize applications for the cloud, help deliver new services at lower cost and accelerate development for faster return on investment.

Supporting Quotes: Neeraj Bhatia, director, partner and commercial sales, Red Hat India & South Asia
“The introduction of the real time payments network across the globe has presented banks a unique opportunity to revisit their payments infrastructure, emphasising the importance of deploying hybrid cloud infrastructure and containerised microservices in the banking space. The recent State of Enterprise Open Source Report reveals 93% of financial services organizations believe that open source technologies are strategically important for current and future plans. Red Hat’s enterprise open source solutions can help banks modernize systems, automate processes, and streamline application delivery for more efficiency, improved customer engagement, and lower costs.We are excited to collaborate with Mindgate Solutions on their journey to offer cutting edge payment solutions to banks, globally.”

GuhanMuthuswamy, Co-founder and Software Architect, Mindgate Solutions
We are excited to roll-out our UPI solution enabled by Red Hat OpenShift. Working with several large banks, we wanted to adopt containerised micro-services that empowers us to innovate rapidly, because discrete functionality can be in essence walled off from the rest of the payments platform via independent API calls. To achieve this, the role of a strategic partner like Red Hat is key and we are certain that this collaboration will accelerate our growth with the scalability and flexibility offered by the Red Hat OpenShift platform.

About Mindgate Solutions: Mindgate Solutions has been in the forefront of the payments revolution from its inception, an outlook which has made it a key global player in payments technology and transaction processing. From building new generation payment gateways to mobile-based collections and payments platforms like RTP & UPI, Mindgate Solutions has been the true leader in the space. They also help their clients redraw the payment landscape through a value proposition of large scale, social payments, responsive to market demand and reduced cost of ownership. The outcome is a well-defined approach that propels their organisation to acquire a significant market share of the digital transaction ecosystem.

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