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Payment Gateway Platform and Services

Payment gateways are essential components of electronic payment systems, playing a pivotal role in ecommerce transactions. A front-end technology responsible for sending customer information to the merchant acquiring bank, payment gateway keeps evolving to accommodate changing customer demands and technical capacities.

Banks today have multitude of options including payment gateway solutions to facilitate management of merchant-acquiring ecosystem. Each acquisition that the banks enable as service offerings requires them to on-board and integrate the merchant for enabling the same. This also brings about an overhead for merchants to manage such integrations while on banks to manage merchant settlements and payouts.

Mobile Collect Platform’s true potential can be unleashed in the digital commerce domain only by bringing such ideations to the Merchant & Corporate ecosystem.

Enjoying the repute of being one of the top online payment gateway providers, Mindgate offers PGA platform that addresses critical challenges with a holistic approach. Our platform allows banks to on-board all merchants on a single platform, defines the scheme enablement for merchants, as well as dynamic routing with merchants’ settlement & payouts.

It also provides for a comprehensive merchant management solution.

The platform is built on an open-source technology framework and is optimized for high scale and volume. While it also enables to open up various service offerings for all participants across channels with a quick turnaround time and with a reduced TCO.

Product Overview

Unified System: Unified payment processing system across multiple payment methods (Cards, Wallets, Real-time payments, net banking)

Acquiring Interfaces: Mobile, Web, Kiosk, POS, PC-POS, API’s, H2H.

Transaction Channels: HTTPS, SMS, USSD, RFID, NFC, OTA.

Transaction Identities: Mobile Devices, Biometrics, Virtual address, Cards, Transaction/Identity Tokens, National ID’s, RFIDTags.

Value-Added Services: Merchant Management, Reconciliation and Settlement, Dispute Management, Risk Management, Analytics.

Transactions: Face 2 Face payments, Collect payments, QR payments, Identity Token/National ID payments, Bulk payments, H2H payments.

Data Presentation: Merchant transaction monitoring, Dispute management, Refund management, Operational management, Analytics and Reporting.

Key Capabilities

Merchant Management

  • Merchant Onboarding : Support Direct & Aggregator Merchants | Market Place for SME Merchants
  • Workflow-based approval from risk, finance and operations.
  • MSF/MDR setup.
  • Scheme mapping to merchants.
  • Risk & Velocity check setup.
  • Toolkit for Merchant Integration.

Transaction Routing

  • Acquiring bank routing.
  • Scheme-based routing.
  • Transaction Channel management (POS, Web POS, Mobile APP, IPG).
  • Transaction Acquiring and Auth confirmation.

Reconciliation and Settlements

  • White-label solution built on scalable technology platform
  • Multi-institution/ multi-currency support
  • Reconciliation of all transactions (3/4 way recon).
  • Staging & Settlements.
  • Merchant pay-out (Net & Gross).
  • Dispute, Refund & Chargeback management.
  • MPR reports.